Why Do Mastiffs Look Sad? [EXPLAINED]

If you’ve ever seen a mastiff, you may have noticed that they often look sad. This is due to a number of factors, including their droopy lips, their large size, and their gentle nature.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors to see why mastiffs often look sad.

Droopy Lips

One of the main reasons why mastiffs often look sad is due to their droopy lips. This is because the skin around their mouths is loose and hangs down, which gives them a sad appearance. Additionally, their lower jaw is often longer than their upper jaw, which also contributes to their sad appearance.

While their lips may look like they’re just there for decoration, they actually serve an important purpose. For one thing, the extra skin helps to protect the dogs’ teeth and gums from injury.

Additionally, the loose skin helps to absorb shock when the dogs are playing or working, which can help to prevent damage to their jaws. Finally, the droopy lips help to keep food and water from spilling out of the dogs’ mouths when they are eating or drinking.

Large Size

Another reason why mastiffs often look sad is because of their large size. Mastiffs are one of the largest dog breeds, and their size can be intimidating to some people. Additionally, their large size means that they require more food and exercise than other breeds of dogs.

There are several theories about why mastiffs are so big. One theory is that they were originally bred as guard dogs, and their size helped to intimidate potential intruders. Another theory is that their size made them better at hunting large game such as bears and boars.

Regardless of the reasons for their size, mastiffs are still popular dogs thanks to their gentle temperament and loyalty. However, their large size also means that they require a lot of exercise and space, making them less well-suited for apartment living.

Gentle Nature

The final reason why mastiffs often look sad is because of their gentle nature. Mastiffs are known for being gentle giants, and they are typically very calm and relaxed dogs. However, this can also make them appear sad since they are not as energetic as other breeds of dogs.

While mastiffs may seem imposing, they are actually very loving and gentle dogs. They make great family pets, and they are especially good with children. Mastiffs are also very intelligent dogs, and they can be trained to perform a variety of tasks.

Are Mastiffs Sad Dogs?

While mastiffs may seem like sad dogs at first glance, there are actually a number of reasons why they often look this way. Their droopy lips, large size, and gentle nature all contribute to their sad appearance. However, despite their appearance, mastiffs are actually very friendly and loyal dogs. So if you’re looking for a big dog with a big personality, a mastiff may be the perfect breed for you!

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