Do Mastiffs Shed a Lot (and Can Moulting Be Stopped)?

So, do Mastiffs shed a lot? Mastiffs have a double coat, and they shed moderate amounts all year. But have you ever wondered why your dog starts to shed even more than usual at times?

Mastiffs lose their winter coat in spring because they need shorter, lightweight coats for hotter summer months. They shed their old summer coat when autumn comes around to allow for their thicker winter coat.

Double-coated dogs like the Mastiff will lose vast amounts of hair in autumn and spring. Surprisingly, autumn shedding is about the same as spring shedding.

How Bad Do Mastiffs Shed?

Picture the Mastiff’s size, even at moderate shedding levels, that’s going to be a lot of hair on your clothes, your furnishings, and in your carpets. 

People say their size makes it seem like they lose a lot of hair, but the reality is a Mastiff might only shed moderately, but when they’re as big as they are, that’s a significant amount.

There are other reasons why a Mastiff might shed more than usual, other than the change of seasons.

Mastiff puppies tend to shed less than adult dogs, and it’s the same when they turn into seniors; they’re likely to shed more than healthy adult Mastiffs. As the skin ages, the hair gets weaker; typically, a senior will shed between 10 and 20% more hair as the hair’s lifecycle shortens and the dog’s natural activity levels drop.

Poor diets and lack of exercise can also cause a Mastiff to shed unnaturally large amounts.

How Do I Stop My Mastiff from Shedding?

Unfortunately, stopping your Mastiff from shedding is impossible. All dogs shed their hair, it’s an entirely natural occurrence, and as a dog parent, it’s undoubtedly something you must learn to accept. 

The good news is that you can do things to keep shedding under some kind of control and reduce the amount of hair fall.

It’s easier than you think, and all it takes is regular grooming. All you have to do is brush your Mastiff two to three times each week and more frequently during shedding seasons, and you can catch a massive amount of hair before it falls. You’ll never get to the point of stopping all shedding and for the rest, buy yourself a pet vacuum and at least every other day go around your furnishings and carpets.

It really is that simple; don’t let the hair build up on the furnishings, and I guarantee you won’t notice your Mastiff’s shedding half as much.

A word of caution: many dog owners think that bathing their dogs will reduce shedding, and they tend to wash their dogs far too often. But consider this, you might get rid of hairs on the dog’s body, but you’ll dry and irritate their skin, and it will not stop natural shedding.

Which Mastiff Breed Sheds the Least?

First of all, every Mastiff type will shed, but if you want to know which Mastiff sheds the least, choose the single-coated variety because there’s less shedding where there’s no undercoat.

Moreover, they don’t shed profusely twice each year like double-coated Mastiffs.

One of the least shedding Mastiffs is the Great Dane or German Mastiff. This dog only has a single coat and is one the easiest Mastiffs to groom.

But remember this: if you live in an area with exceptionally cold winters, single-coated dogs might need protection against body heat loss.

Brad Davenport

Brad has spent his entire life surrounded by dogs and has owned all sorts of breeds, including Dachshunds, Great Danes, French Bulldogs and he currently has a little Hasanese called Biscuit. Brad is an experienced dog writer who is obsessed by canine health, care and psychology and has completed several courses on dog care and training.

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